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Music stays with you for a lifetime!

Research indicates that children's ears develop most rapidly during the preschool years. TUNES FOR TWO places emphasis on the enjoyment of music. This music experience helps to nurture the development of coordination skills, language, social interaction, and creativity.

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Yamaha Music Education System (YMES)

Group Lessons - Structured Music Education System for Children

Designed to provide music enjoyment in the most positive learning environment, Yamaha group classes teach basic music knowledge through Listen, Sing, Play, Read method in a group setting. Rhythm and musicianship skills are best learned in a group where students are motivated by their peers and have access to a full range of touch sensitive keys to developing artistic ability. Yamaha group lessons encourage improvisation and creativity. Most importantly group lessons are lots of fun!

The four main characteristics of the unique Yamaha Music Education Program are:

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Timely Education Group Lessons Comprehensive Training Systematic Approach

Why Group Lessons?

  • PEER INFLUENCE, In a group there is peer motivation such that a student will want to perform well in front of and with his/her peers. 
  • COMPREHENSIVE LEARNING, In a group the student learns to collaborate and perform with others in various ensembles.
  • IT TAKES THE PRESSURE OFF, In a group, the pressure is not constantly on one individual, allowing music skills to be nurtured in a relaxed and friendly environment conducive to learning.
  • Group lessons are FUN and interactive, making music a lot more enjoyable. 

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"During the musical summer camp, I gained a lot of experience being a leader that I did not have before. With Ms. Toshi, I was introduced to new voice techniques alongside the children. I believe that her vocal coaching was very beneficial for the kids who had an interest in singing because she made the learning experience fun. In addition, I found helping the children to take a lot of energy, but it was enjoyable to see them learn on the keyboard, act, and sing. Overall, I am glad that I volunteered at the camp as it was a profitable experience."

~ Carla Soriano

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