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It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn love

Rhythm and musicianship skills are best learned in a group where students are motivated by their peers and have access to a full range of touch sensitive keys to developing artistic ability.

Free Demo Music Class

To request for a free demo music class, please submit the online form below so that we can reach you for our next available date. We look forward to seeing you!

Students will be placed according to their age and availability.

Why Group Lessons?

  • PEER INFLUENCE, In a group there is peer motivation such that a student will want to perform well in front of and with his/her peers.
  • COMPREHENSIVE LEARNING, In a group the student learns to collaborate and perform with others in various ensembles.
  • IT TAKES THE PRESSURE OFF, In a group, the pressure is not constantly on one individual, allowing music skills to be nurtured in a relaxed and friendly environment conducive to learning.
  • IT IS FUN. Sing and playing with friends is a lot more fun. There are a lot of partner Duets, ensemble possibilities to learn as a group.

Private lesson

  • Book an interview with a potential teacher to discuss syllabus, style and expectation of music you want to learn.


2020 - 2021 School Calendar: Click Here PDF


2020-2021 School Policy: Click Here PDF


"Great Yamaha programs. Group and private classes are available with experienced teachers. They also offer summer camp programs. I love how the kids are trained listening, singing, keyboarding, and reading notes in most of every class."

~ Mewah Susana

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