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It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn love

Rhythm and musicianship skills are best learned in a group where students are motivated by their peers and have access to a full range of touch sensitive keys to developing artistic ability.

School Policy


Registration Fee

There is a registration fee of $55 paid at the time of any registration for all students per school year (Sept-June) that covers administrative costs, and a portion of the costs of events & concerts. This cost includes registration procedures, attendance stickers in applicable classes, recital awards, gifts, and recital admission. The registration fee and concert fee are non-refundable if classes have commenced. This registration fee is non-refundable after September 1st (fall semester) or January 30th (winter semester)


Transfer Fee

A $35.00 transfer fee and 2-class notice period are required when a student is transferring to a new lesson/day/time/instructor after September 30th for students starting in the fall semester and after March 1st for students starting in the winter semester.


NSF Checks

There will be a $35.00 NSF fee one week after the office notifies the client. There will be an additional charge of $2.50 per day if the late payments are not received after the one-week period.


Late Fee

A $35.00 late fee will be charged for the monthly tuition fee received after the 7th of every month. The monthly tuition fee is due on the 1st of every month.


Instructional Time Agreement

Group Classes are planned for in-person for 2022 unless dictated by AHS to stop operation due to the coronavirus. At that time, all classes will be transferred online. All Yamaha group classes are 45-minutes.

Musica Academy offers both in-person and online lessons. Please note that we recommend meeting with the teacher once a month in person. Details can be arranged with the teacher. Online students will be required to provide scanned copies of their music to their teacher prior to their lesson.



Missed Classes (Private Lessons)

Private students are required to provide a 24-hour notice to be eligible for make-up classes. Make-ups must be taken during your current semester. No make-ups for last-minute cancellations on the same day of the lesson.

(Max 1 for 10 weeks, max 2 for 18 weeks, max 4 for 36 weeks)

Missed Group lessons are not eligible for make-up classes. The parent may contact their instructor to inquire about the homework given for the class they missed via phone call or email. If the teacher cancels the class due to illness or other reasons, a substitute will be provided for the day's class. If a substitute cannot be provided, a makeup lesson will be scheduled by the teacher.


Practice Coach

Students needing extra help may book 30/45-minute sessions with our practice coach for individual coaching. All of our practice coaches are senior-level group students and have been studying music with Musica for over 5 years.


Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy

Students need to provide a minimum of 4-classes written notice for cancellation once classes have commenced. The remaining tuition fees will be refunded after the 4-class notice, if before December 1st or after March 1st's deadline.

There will be NO refund after December 1st for full-year students or after March 1st for half-year students. Students who pay by installments or monthly are still required to pay any outstanding fees including 4-class notice regardless he or she attends the remaining 4 classes.



Referral Fee

Recommendations to friends are family are welcomed. Musica Academy will reward you with credit for tuition. Your friend will have to register for a minimum of 1 semester. All credits will be issued in February. Your friend will need to mention the student's name when registering.


Yamaha Instrument Rebate

Registered Musica Academy GROUP students are eligible for an instrument rebate from Yamaha Canada when they purchase a Yamaha-branded instrument during their study at Musica Academy. Please contact admin for details.



Copyright/ Media Policy

Musica Academy reserves the right to use any photos, videos, or the like for publicity and marketing of the school.


Instruction of Class

Classes may move to an online format in the case of an unforeseen circumstance or event.


Suspension of Students

Yamaha Music School reserves the right to suspend students for non-payment of tuition or inappropriate conduct.


Cancellation of Instruction

Yamaha Music School reserves the right to withdraw any course or level of instruction, change an instructor of any lesson, or close any location at any time without notice or liability other than to refund tuition fees received for lessons canceled due to such withdrawal or closing.


"Great Yamaha programs. Group and private classes are available with experienced teachers. They also offer summer camp programs. I love how the kids are trained listening, singing, keyboarding, and reading notes in most of every class."

~ Mewah Susana

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