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It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn love

Rhythm and musicianship skills are best learned in a group where students are motivated by their peers and have access to a full range of touch sensitive keys to developing artistic ability.

FAQ - Course Payments

Frequently Asked Questions


(A) How much are lessons?

Lessons depends on the courses. Group lessons ranges from $20-26 per 45 minutes. Private lessons range from $31-$36 per Half hour, $46-52 per 45 minutes, and $62-$72 per 60 minutes. Prices also differ if registered with Regular Teacher or Senior Teacher.

(B) When will I be charged?

You will be charged the 1st of every month if you choose the monthly plan, or the 1st of September if you choose the one-time payment plan.

(C) What is the monthly payment plan (MPP) fee?

The monthly payment plan (MPP) fee is an annual $40.00, and it is required only if the payment is paid monthly through credit card.

(D) Can I pay on a per-class basis?

No, we do not accept per class payment. You will have to commit annually or monthly payment method.

(E) How much is registration? Why is it charged every year?

The registration and concert fee $55 is charged annually, and it includes all the administrative fees, and many opportunities for concerts and events through the year.


"Great Yamaha programs. Group and private classes are available with experienced teachers. They also offer summer camp programs. I love how the kids are trained listening, singing, keyboarding, and reading notes in most of every class."

~ Mewah Susana

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